Elektro Soulscape

“Elektro Soulscape” is now available on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon and other digital outlets! Download it now! Add it to your playlists! Lets meet in your listening room.

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Here’s the story behind this awesome project:

“Afro bitches and exploding planets.” says A-Dot Fresh, when asked the question: What is Elektro Soulscape?

Every artist has that moment when they must adhere to their creative urges, and go beyond [what is considered to be] their everyday norm. A-Dot, and his ever present studio fiend, Gem Genius did just that on their first complete joint project. Rather than sticking to their HipHop roots, they take you into the fascinating world Electronic Dance Music, also know as, “EDM”. Only this time, they did it with a twist. Combining smooth grooves with hard hitting uptempo drums and break beats, they provided the first installment of what they have dubbed – “EDM Soul”.

“Worlds are colliding on this project.” says A-Dot, adding: “Back in the 60’s and 70’s the afro was a symbol of liberation, of freedom and strength. The black woman was the symbol of soul within the movement – beauty and strength. We took that ideology and said this project will be free, inspirational, and beautiful. I think we achieved that.”

Worlds indeed collide on this project blending HipHop with dance, R&B, and African drums here and there all makes for a great blend of styles.

There is a high level of energy throughout the entire project. Narrated by the “Soulscape Protocol Droids” they guide you through the project with great insight, while providing inspiration along the way.

Check it out! Let us know what you think!